Papal paradoxes

Papal paradoxes

It says in the headlines that Trump will soon face a higher authority- the Pope as he starts his first international trip abroad and it has been suggested in Rome that the Pope will be able to convince Trump of a need to about face on his anti-global warming stance. I believe the possibilities through the Jesuit led ecumenical ties may well bring about an about face in favour of Sunday legislation.

Trump will ‘be face-to-face with perhaps the only person with a bigger global megaphone than his own.’

 And it is good Francis had time to fit Trump in with a ‘backlog of 2,000 cases of allegations of sex abuse by priests and his man sent to third highest position Cardinal Pell (pictured on the right) also facing changes from Australian authorities. But the Pope has the media situation well controlled on these matter with it virtually swept under the carpet considering the magnitude of this thing.  ‘The Director of Public Prosecutions had advised police it could charge the cardinal, after it assessed a brief of evidence prepared by officers who interviewed the 75-year-old in Rome in last October.’ Pell has faced sexual abuse cases against himself more than once and now is facing charges for being in a position of responsibility and ignoring child abuse while on his watch. Yet despite this situation that runs from as far back as 2002 the Pope calls Pell to help clear up the vatican bank and has him safely tucked away in Rome.  “The journalist David Marr wrote that “He [Pell] admitted his church had covered up abuse for fear of scandal; that his predecessor Archbishop Little had destroyed records, moved paedophile priests from parish to parish and facilitated appalling crimes.”

For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.’


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