War of words, reality of world wars

War of words, reality of world wars

“Army Chief, Major GAssange secreteneral Anders Brännström of Sweden says”The global situation we are experiencing and which is also made clear by the strategic decision leads to the conclusion that we could be at war within a few years. For us in the army we have to, with all force we can muster, implement the political decisions. Sweden was neutral during the WWI & WWII, and has not fought a war since 1814.”

{This comment goes along side that of the Pope’s ““While the world starves, burns, and descends further into chaos, we should realise that this year’s Christmas celebrations for those who choose to celebrate it may be their last.”  I think  a Jesuit Pope should have a real good idea about war don’t you, being a militant arm of the church, considering their reputation and history.}

We see Sweden anxious to cooperate with UK and UN in fines & prosecutions and an anti-soviet sentiment which I believe they would be better to remain neutral with but this is no longer the will of the people but the control of governments (who are meant to be the voice of the people but are not). 

The following news item is not something peculiar to German but is on a unprecedented scale for the control of the people and to being them in line and if necessary for a third world war. 

Ex-German media boss admits on live radio the national news agenda is govt controlled

“We have the problem that – now I’m mainly talking about the public [state] media – we have closeness to the government,” he revealed. “Not only because commentary is mainly in line with the grand coalition (CSU, CDU, and SPD), with the spectrum of opinion, but also because we are completely taken in by the agenda laid down by the political class.”

The retired ZDF chief went on to concede that the station took orders on what to broadcast. “The topics about which are reported are laid down by the government”