Very big crash & someone keeps the cash

Very big crash & someone keeps the cash

Ron Paul: Economy will soon have ‘day of reckoning… when you’ll see the very, very big crash’

Several years ago we had USA in a situation were all over the country the people could not meet their repayments and houses were cheap and people living on the streets and empty car lots

It was said by a few financial experts that they could do it tough and go through 3 very hard years nd get rid of the dead wood or prop up the failing companies and meet an bigger fall which it would be impossible to correct

We note again Alan Greensapan’s words in the mid 2000s when askuncle samed if if would stop the cheap imports coming into the USA from China? His reply was it was unamerican,was not in America’s globalist interest and not in American’s interest. So a financial situation is arising that has been engineered that will frighten the inhabitants into submission.

Also we note that in the near future God’s children will not be able to buy and sell if they want to keep His law in its entirety. Therefore your provision first and foremost concerns debt and having a place to grow food and have your independence. 

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