The US constitution set the standard for the free world. The US was founded on republicanism and Protestantism. 

People say, I would never want to visit the USA. It is true that it is a dangerous place because of crime & gun laws but is also  magnificent- full of natural wonders such as Glacier National Park. The US has been blessed more than any other nation on the earth, this is because it was a safe haven to a commandment keeping people. While protection remains this nation will prosper. America, . . . where the greatest light from heaven has been shining upon the people, can become the place of greatest peril and darkness because the people do not continue to practice the truth and walk in the light. . . . {3SM 387.3}  This also becomes the time of the greatest peril for God’s church and signal the time of the coming of Lucifer. 

The Bible represents the USA as a beast with lamb like horns. All eyes should be on the US to fulfil its destiny as a religious political power revering separation of church & state to become a persecuting power.

The highway connecting land on your way to Key West

The global war on terrorism came as the US pushed its ideas upon the nations worldwide and by interference in for example Iraq with the treat of weapons of mass destruction we have ended up with terrorism worldwide. This was not the country whose people fought for individual rights but a country take by the horns and pulled to the ground where government was beyond the control of the people and something to fear if present truth exposed her activities. What a was good country with no interventionist policies has become an aggressor used by the power hungry elite.

The border wall started by Bush after 9/11.

People often think of the USA as the junk food capital but it also has some of the best health food stores worldwide


Controversy follows Donald Trump but we must remember though we might not agree with him that God allows people to rule and  how great [are] his signs! and how mighty [are] his wonders! The time of the end is coming to fulfillment. And all the inhabitants of the earth [are] reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and [among] the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou? 

Solemn events before us are yet to transpire. Trumpet after trumpet is to be sounded; vial after vial poured out one after another upon the inhabitants of the earth.–3SM 426 (1890). {LDE 238.1} The warnings of the end shall be seen and repeated warnings will be given. But how much better to plead our case before the Father while there is peace rather than to awake in the time of confusion when God will shake to awake the inhabitants of the earth. 

The world is soon to be left by the angel of mercy and the seven last plagues are to be poured out. . . . The bolts of God’s wrath are soon to fall, and when He shall begin to punish the transgressors there will be no period of respite until the end.–TM 182 (1894). {LDE 238.2} That’s why we are in a quiet lull before the storm. 

Four mighty angels hold back the powers of this earth till the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. The nations of the world are eager for conflict, but they are held in check by the angels. When this restraining power is removed there will come a time of trouble and anguish. Deadly instruments of warfare will be invented. Vessels with their living cargo will be entombed in the great deep. All who have not the spirit of truth will unite under the leadership of satanic agencies, but they are to be kept under control till the time shall come for the great battle of Armageddon.–7BC 967 (1900). {LDE 238.3} We need to pray the Lord for more time and grace rather than saying where is the fulfillment of His words.