US sanctions effects on Venezuela

US sanctions effects on Venezuela

In the Bible the USA is described has having lamb-like horns but speaks as a dragon. Although this is principally to do with God’s people who keep His law, the measures that so called ‘Christian leaders’ take against their fellow man reveals to whom is their master. 

For the person lost in the sea of events in Venezuela where food and just existing is an issue they want a change so matter what just so they can live. President Nicolás Maduro no doubt may have many faults in the leadership of Venezuela but what is the US and UN’s justification and how will it meet the tribunal of God? In a typical round of events the CIA, the church and in that country the Jesuit general would be shaping the outcome of the country.

Juan Guaido the un-elected self proclaimed president was trained at the Washington university. George Washington’s main Foggy Bottom Campus is located in the heart of Washington, D.C., with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank located on campus and the White House and the U.S. Department of State within blocks of campus. GWU hosts numerous research centers and institutes, including the National Security Archive and the Institute for International Economic Policy.

Likely Maduro’s days are numbered and the future will be very different to his predecessor Hugo Chávez who survived a US assisted coup in former days. Hugo’s popularity with the common people and his measures for socialist reform using oil money among other thing for infrastructure let him survive. 

“The US sanctions are illegal under international law because they were not endorsed by the UN Security Council, Mr de Zayas, an expert on international law and a former senior lawyer with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said. “Sanctions kill,” he told The Independent, adding that they fall most heavily on the poorest people in society, demonstrably cause death through food and medicine shortages, lead to violations of human rights and are aimed at coercing economic change in a “sister democracy”.

The International Criminal Court investigate economic sanctions against Venezuela as possible crimes against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute.”

See how this always works and notably under those that say they hold a Christian banner whether it is Protestant America or the Church of Rome. They undermine the country and then call for justice and after everything falls apart they are involved in humanitarian aid and at the same time installing their own interests in that country. 

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