Sounds like surveillance ….

Sounds like surveillance ….

‘Germany’s germany-protesters-point-giant-telescope-at-growing-surveillance-stateparliament has voted in favor of a controversial surveillance law that would oblige telecom companies to store their customers’ data for up to 10 weeks. Widely opposed by Germans, the law was protested by hundreds of activists during the vote.

The legislation was approved with 404 out of 552 lawmakers voting in favor of it.’

Funny how that works isn’t it, they vote for what the man in the street doesn’t want with a majority for him to pay for it with his taxes. We can see how controlled the West is and its happening right across the once free countries of the west. It has a similar pattern to it……

Sounds like America

Sounds Like New Zealand

Sounds like Australia but in Australia where was the protest!  Apathy and ignorance will cost dearly.  I think it was up to 2 years in data collection for some tremendous amount of money in Australia wasn’t it?