Satan Claws

This is an eclectic verse for fun but holds in this story illustrations to contemplate. The coming winter solstice…..




One beautiful Christmas I thought I was in love 

But for the grace of God I nearly lost my soul that night………..and this is what happened

In the chilly winter light

Many children gathered around the tree before their bed this was their last night

Twas the night before Christmas Santa was searching the house, he was killing every one and didn’t even bother to leave a calling card, not a creature did stir not even a mouse

The walls were red with blood and through the chimney he fled I just caught the tail end of him as I awoke and jumped up from my bed

The bells chimed in the town that our saviour was here with his gifts

My heart was full of fear & dread

The angel was beautiful to behold

And quick to finish anything in which there breathed life


(Santa comes from the North like the King of the North and the letters of his name are identical and the name similar to Satan. He comes bearing the toys and gifts of this world to satisfy everyone’s pleasures. He joins in the festivals and propagates fables and waits his time for the dead of winter to take the victim’s life. The Christian’s sojourn in this world may be fitly compared to the long, cold winter. As prophesied in Revelation 13 the antichrist will come in this age, parading himself as Christ but after the winter the sun of righteousness arises with healing in His wings. The false millennium with its false Christ is overcome by the real second coming and the resurrection of the righteous dead)