Road to majority in America

Road to majority in America

The faith and freedom coalition was formed in 2009 and is American ecumenical Christian right. ‘The 2011 conference was also held in Washington in June with several hundred attendees.  Nearly all the Republican 2012 presidential hopefuls spoke, including Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Jon Huntsman, Jr., Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul.’

The Faith and freedom coalition held their last conference continuing by name and strategy the ‘Road to Majority’ in June 2017  with Donald Trump and Mike Pence as premier speakers.

Road to Majority, author Eric Metaxas was one of those portraying Trump’s election as a sign that God has given America one more chance to stave off His judgment, saying, “the governor of the universe has given us a reprieve in this election but we now need to stand and fight.” But for what are they fighting? Is it the law of God as given by the four commandment or the law of men as given by Rome? To which gives us entrance to the kingdom of God? Are they fighting for separation of church and state as the very foundation of America for freedom or is it an overreaction to liberation theology a Jesuit ideology that has spread it’s liberal fabric for legislated minority rights and globalist ideals, with the counterreaction to the right to legislate for Christians through church and state a Jesuit/ Papal scheme to end freedom in the USA as delivered by the constitution, all in the name of religious liberty and freedom but implementing the exact opposite. In other words the jesuits have delivered to America and by that to the western world two opposite ideologies that squeeze the tube from both ends to produce their desired outcome. If that is too hard to believe read the Jesuit book ‘Keys of this blood’ by Jesuit author Malachi Martin which predicts the succession of events we now face. 

Sen. David Perdue of Georgia said “We are in a war for the future of this Republic.”… A primary vehicle for reversing the “great progressive experiment” will be by packing the federal courts with judges committed to a far-right view of the Constitution and laws. 

“We have a Republican majority in the House. We have a Republican majority in the Senate. We have a Republican in the White House. How about we act like it?”…Not long after Road to Majority, Gorsuch gave Religious Right leaders evidence that he will indeed be the far-right justice they have longed for. He joins Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito at the far-right end of the bench, signaling a willingness to further dismantle regulations on money in politics, undermine church-state separation, and reverse gains on LGBT equality. Right-wing activists celebrated Gorsuch’s end-of-term contributions as a harbinger of things to come.” Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito represent the new face of the supreme court in American with Catholic and Jesuit trained supreme court judges working toward the prize which is church and state in America that is pro-papal and gives direct power to the vatican. This not how the supreme court was, it was filled with Protestants a word not so easy to use with meaning today as it has turned ecumenical. 

Faith and Freedom Coalition executive director Tim Head said there are 120 positions open on the courts “because of the deliberation of the Senate” during the Obama administration. He said that during an eight-year period, typically about 400 federal judges would be replaced; adding that number to the current vacancies could mean 525 new judges in a two-term Republican administration, something he called “extraordinary.”

The Supreme Court is “something that is really going to change America.” Another Supreme Court nominee, Teller said, would let Trump create “epic, titanic shifts.”

Extracts in red from THE NATIONAL MEMO Peter Montgomery Friday, July 7, 2017

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