Record low interest rates spell disaster

Record low interest rates spell disaster


The interest rates world wide are remaining at an all time low and the stock markets appearing healthier than ought by government bonds giving a false sense of security to what people suggest is a new world order in the world economy.

Said the Australian treasurer Scott Morrison: “This is the new norm. The global environment today is very different to the environment of five to 10 years ago, or even three years ago.

‘This is a global phenomenon,’ the Treasurer said of the new era of ultra-low interest rates. This comes at a time when Australia’s economy is growing at just over 3 per cent — well above the rate in most other developed countries.

The dollar has continued to drift upwards despite the RBA lowering rates this year (there have been 12 rate cuts since November 2011) as central banks around the world have continued to ease monetary policy. In the US, expectations that the Fed would increase rates this year are fading.”

When central banks stop propping the market up and it has to come to an end there could well be a BIG crash.

This is also a time when the Australian citizens are feeling very pessimistic about the future as the countries assets have been sold off over many years and there is not a whole lot left to sell.  Privatization is globalist’s joy.

Australian’s fears is evident in the recent election outcome in July 2016 with Pauline Hanson taking 4 seats in the senate and the newly elected liberal government having little power as it’s narrowly slid into position.  Australian’s as American’s are fed up and extremes are showing themselves favorable that could well lead to loss of liberties and a world wide change in political direction is seen to be occurring.

Remembering that the system we work with and get paid by and put our hard earned savings in the bank for them to regulate our lives has nothing solid behind it, the role of the government in allowing such disparity between rich and poor is a disgrace to those once free and wealthy nations of the west. But the idea is to enslave and that means control.

True is the Bible saying ‘the love of money is the root of all evil.’

Now in Australia free education is instead a debt with interest and then somehow  we try to buy property against Chinese interests at exorbitant prices which is loaded with tax for the government to fill their coffers and then  when you get over that besides all the rising prices (Australian electricity the highest prices in the world), the government will be involved in your retirement package with reporting from the medical system to coax you into the whole deal, where your capital is given up and pays for your room in the retirement village- this is all government assisted from birth to death.

CEO’s and portfolio ministers who never trained in the areas they oversea are ruling these areas of expertise. Separation of church and state should also be followed in areas such as health, separation of politics from health. Less government enslavement would really benefit the nations.

“A new worry for Australia is its decision to be drawn into megaphone-like diplomacy over China’s role in the South China Sea that could see Australia’s economic interests becoming road kill in a broader political issue between the US and China.” Quotes from The Australian Business Review August 3, Glenda Korporaal. 

This is only a worry because of bad leadership making us involved in issues that we should stay out of for security reasons. We should take ques from New Zealand which is rated one of the safest countries to be in if a world war broke out.