Rainbow families

Rainbow families

While Louise Pratt the Australian labour member cries because ‘something very upsetting happened to her own rainbow family this week.,’ John Howard warns about uninformed religious liberty issues for Australia. Louise Pratt’s son was with the rest of her rainbow family when handed an anti marriage  equality pamphlet, the detail of which she dare not repeat. John Howard wades into the debate while Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull encourage Australians in the nation wide plebiscite to vote yes while consoling fears.

“The former PM (Howard) says it is vital the government spell out before the vote what protections it envisages for parental rights, freedom of speech and religious freedom. Given the experience in Britain, the US and Canada, Howard says this has become a “compelling” obligation. His advice to the Turnbull government is unpalatable but Howard is correct.” His voice in the public arena has come in just a bit too late and the vote is already out there.  

In an age where living together and marriage and loyalties have gone out the window the big push is to make it happen in the gay community. The implication are not so much to be partners but to have legal recognition and have the institution of a church uphold that right to raise as family as if that were perfectly natural but in such a situation common sense tells us you can’t naturally raise a normal natural family.  

Minority rights has been used to set itself up against ‘hate speech,’ ‘conservatism’, ‘proselytising which is the fruit of liberation theology. There is also the pervading thought that there is no exact truth- well tell an engineer that and now tell God that. That which started in Australia with marbo (though perhaps good in itself) under the care of the Jesuits, (Brennan) but not just in Australia but many western countries abroad, is producing the fruit of it’s original intent.  The West is caught up in a follow the leader scenario but at the other end of the tube that squeezes the toothpaste is  the issue of state legislated Christian rights as occurring in the USA today under the title of religious liberty, that which it is not and also under the care of the Jesuits!

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