Putin gets away with murder?

Putin gets away with murder?

“Barack Obama’s diplomatic ‘reset’ has let Vladimir Putin get away with murder

America’s allies have noticed that it is no longer willing to defend them from the predations of a rampant, imperialist Russia”

This is how the articles starts by Charles Krauthammer

This papRussian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin winks at European Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso at a joint news conference after their talks in Moscower a Murdoch knighted son of the papacy production is the sort of thing that might stir others to the ridiculous extremes. It carries that lets go and fight with Abbott mentality. America is known to have made aggressive moves toward Russia sitting on its border rather than the other way around. Russia would have no intention of a war immediately following the hosting of world Olympics but rather on the contrary America officials were recorded discussing which president would be best for pro-west situation in the Ukraine obviously to keep the Russians down. WE could just as easily say this is the ‘predations of a rampant, imperialist’ USA. The German ex- chancellor said that Germany and west were making a mistake by pushing Russia into a corner.

America was to disarm under a Vatican assisted negotiation with Gorbachev , Reagan and Pope John Paul. Keys of this blood by the Jesuit Priest Malachi Martin tells us the outcome however was to have the first world hegemony of two and one of course was the Vatican. This was a ploy by America and the Vatican to bring down communism once and for good and seize the reins. The Pope had dismantled the USSR. 

“As John Kerry awaits his upcoming Nobel and Obama plans his presidential library (my suggestion: Havana), Putin is deciding how to best exploit the final 17 months of his Obama bonanza. 

The world sees it. Obama doesn’t.”  Who decides this Nobel peace prize!! Kerry has a shot at it? Really! The world congratulates those that serve them in war. 

There are two beasts that ascend from the bottomless pit one is apostate Christianity and the second is communism. The net result is loss of life and blood shed and this type of Journalism is to incite that kind of behavior.  The angels are holding back the winds of strife but when it blows the world will never be the same again.