Prophetic books

  • Keys of this Blood
    Keys of this Blood
    Published by Jesuit Priest in 1990 of the coming duel hegemony- that is Vatican American church and state alliance. How does he know? Malachi Martin was a Vatican insider, lived at the Vatican. The Jesuits are the main architects for NWO following the plans of Vatican II councils held in 1960s.
  • The Great Controversy
    The Great Controversy
    The book Great Controversy published 1888 (>100 years ago) is specific in the the USA forming an image to the beast and an alliance with the Vatican. How did the author know? Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. Contrary to popular belief the Lord has had prophets throughout the history of mankind and especially for this end time.
  • The Great Controversy
    The Great Controversy
    America in prophecy long before this day it's future was foretold!
  • Revelation 13
    Revelation 13
    USA and the image to the beast and the mark of the beast. The day in which we live these events are coming to pass.

Three books contain a clear prophetic focus on the future. The Keys of this Blood by Jesuit Priest Malachi Martin- Vatican insider knowledge (published 1990), the Great Controversy by Ellen G White- inspired of God and is more specific (published 1888) and the Bible, particularly Revelation 13 the focus of the day in which we live illuminating how the antichrist will come and who he is.