The history of the inquisition, the crusades and the justification for ‘Christian warfare’ appears to be just a repeat of the ideals of the Roman Church past. In the USA Erik Prince founder of Blackwater a privately but government funded US military organisation has headed the crusades against Muslims for Christian domination yet the whole thing appears to be anything but the mind of Christ. Prince has urged Washington that a privately trained army of Afghans should continue the war in that country and of course that his organisation should head that up.

Erik Prince is a former Navy SEAL officer and he renamed his company Blackwater as Xe Services in 2009 which is now known as Academi, possibly to divert some of the attention and bad press from it’s time in Iraq.  Today Prince is heading up a new security service group known as Frontier Services Group.

Erik Prince supported Trump for election and perhaps because of the emphasis he placed on increased military spending and his very pro-evangelical Catholic stance. ‘In 2016 Prince contributed $250,000 to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, as well as a Trump-aligned super PAC helmed by Rebekah Mercer.  Prince has often donated to a number of Christian causes and supports a Muslim orphanage in Afghanistan.  Prince also serves as vice president of the Prince Foundation, which his family founded.’- Wikipedia

Erik Prince converted to Catholicism in 1992 so it’s not surprising that Catholics head his organisation.  His family background is republican and evangelical and so he has aligned himself with the Catholic/Evangelical alliance, so it is not surprising that Prince has access to Trump and most likely persuasive influence just as Mike Pence has.  

Though calling himself a libertarian it is at opposites to Ron Paul’s proposal for Government. Privatising armies appears dangerous step back to medieval years. 

Now ‘Prince’s new security company, Frontier Services Group, will bid for the government contract should the Trump administration take up his Afghanistan proposal, he told C-SPAN on Friday.’

‘In his NEWSWEEK interview, Prince, 38, wanted to rebut the suggestion that he is building a private army that is beyond the control of the American government and answerable only to him. He argues that his thousand-odd men in Iraq are not trigger-happy, and blames trial lawyers and congressional staffers for hyping false stories.’ 

“Prince says ‘Everybody carries guns, just like the Prophet Jeremiah rebuilding the temple in Israel – a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other.’” This is dangerous rhetoric and even more dangerous practice. 

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