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These are videos are about prophecy and their relevance to news items in modern history. I have placed modern history in the first set of videos but to understand the basis for prophecy you need to understand the ‘Little Horn’ set of videos which you can scroll down to at the end of the page.

There are plenty of videos, documents on NWO, Jesuits, Illuminati, etc but my only interest here is to present that which relates to prophetic utterance in Revelation 13 and that which has been revealed to a commandment keeping people since the 1800s until this point. That which I am outlining relates to future events that are now right upon us. 

If we would equate news events since World War ll with prophecies & their interpretations, made known since the opening of the little book of Daniel in the mid 1800s & the book of Revelation (which are scattered throughout these presentations) then we might really have a chance to survive the last times, efforts, wars & propaganda of a global confederacy. Before the truth proceeds the false. ‘I told you before it came to pass that you might believe.’

The messages of Revelation 14:6-12 within the Everlasting Gospel direct us to corrupt forms of worship; the sins of Babylon. But this has little significance if we do not obey the 1st angel’s message concerning worship, particularly as given in the fourth commandment, to acknowledge our Creator or the Everlasting Gospel’s call to obedience; a condition by which we have entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven as found in John 14:21-23 and other places in Scripture that make this point plain. 

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Pictures @ 13
Little Horn

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Images 1&2    America is the birth place of a commandment keeping people. God promises to manifest Himself to a commandment keeping people and by that the Spirit of prophecy which allow His people insight into current events and future events- this is what Pictures @ 13 is all about.

Image 3&4    The current desert storm may have more significance than many understand. War for peace but we ask at what price?

Image 5&6    Statue of JFK at Tampa university: while we don’t assume to know all the facts, his words and the comparison of the presidencies of the Bushes is a very interesting one.

Image 7&8    Stirring and arming Muslim extremists for various reasons including the down fall of the Soviet Union has frightening repercussions. 9/11 is very significant and the memorial is pictured here. However a lesson can be learned. “The ungodly cities of our world are to be swept away by the besom of destruction. In the calamities that are now befalling immense buildings and large portions of cities, God is showing us what will come upon the whole earth.”

Images 9-11  The work of the 50s and 60s is coming to completion which will result in technologies to hold people with binding force.

Image 12   Exile in Cuba represents what will happen to all who will not fit into the new international system.

Image 13   Protestantism to a large degree is dead, especially as we compare it to its original ignition across Europe. This is because they are falling back to the persuasions of Romanism when prophecy is raining down all around us.

Image 14   The storm in the desert represents world wide significance. It will be a physical and spiritual war.

Image 15   Pictures @ 13 looks at the lead up to events that will shape our world to result in the fulfillment of Revelation 13. Pictures @ 13 are pictures and revelations from the time in which we live.  We attempt to remain factual and speculative in line with this piece of advice.

Image 16   A power from beneath is working with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in those who are binding themselves together in secret societies. Those who are yielding to the passion for confederation are working out the plans of the Enemy. The cause will be followed by the effect. {CTr 359.2} Let us pray for leaders such as Obama and that liberty will remain for a while longer.

God has not laid upon any one the burden of encouraging an appetite for speculative doctrines and theories. My brethren, keep these things out of your teaching. Do not allow them to enter into your experience. Let not your life-work be marred by them.  {RH, March 3, 1904 par. 8}


Pictures @ 13 series of videos
9/11 is the event that changed the world with surprising consequences

NWO is reality/ surveillance 

Infiltration of US security services and the technological superiority 

@13 endgame persuasion

The persuasion of Vatican on US and its implications right now!

Endgame Persuasion Part 1 

Endgame Persuasion Part 2 

Endgame Persuasion Part 3 

Endgame Persuasion Part 4

Endgame Persuasion Part 5


Endgame Robotics

Pictures@13 The 2 Beasts–>

2 Beasts:  ‘Since the middle 1800s, students of prophecy in the United States have presented this testimony to the world. In the events now taking place is seen a rapid advance toward the fulfillment of the prediction.’ 
From the prediction of Daniel 2 we are led to understand the meaning of the beast from the sea in Revelation 13. The infant USA grows at the demise of the old world leopard beast only to be revived and dominates its ideals in this new world power. Presidents were under threat from the old world beast.

10 questions for you

What does the name “Pictures @ 13” mean?

How does God first very simply represent the history of mankind? List the nations that have ruled the world.

Why are the attributes of the lion, the bear, the leopard and the ten horns represented in one beast?

Name the verse that tells us what the sea represents?

What part does China play in the new world and who is using it as a model?

What year of modern history was a fulfillment of prophecy that will never be mentioned in the news?

What was the war behind the scenes that took many president’s lives?

What was thought to be behind an attempt on Andrew Jackson’s life which is relevant today and why so?

What is the difference between democracy and republicanism?

Horns of the lamb represents what and what does it mean to speak as a dragon? Whom does the dragon represent and in what verse?

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Pictures@13 Guatemala – the undercover war

Guatemala:  After the Second World War change in US direction indicates its future prophetic role.
Mind control:  Some basic examples and how to control democracy and overthrow countries.

Spread of death squads in Latin America.

Cuba:  A Jesuit American collaboration.

Vietnam: a Holy War but for whom?

Reagan & John Paul II set the stage for the future.

Liberation theology in action.


10 questions for you

MKULTRA is funded by whom, then from whence comes the attack on a world wide population for control?

We call this the age of _________ from the title of Bernays book. Democracy is used for what purpose?

Guatemala’s overthrow just after the Second World War was accomplished by what two groups in particular?

Privatization, as modeled in Guatemala; to whom would the proceeds flow?

What is the theology used to gain control and by what is it influenced?

What method, spoken of by Loyola, be used to gain control?

JFK was disgusted by the treatment of what country and why so?

What is significant about Artime and for whom was he working and being protected?

Who was really pulling the strings on the Vietnam war and by whom was it called a Holy War; for what purpose?

1989 was an historic world event. Which beasts from the bottomless pit are represented in this story and its significance?

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Setting a global platform

Events that bring 2 leaders together to change the face of the world. (9/11 hegemony, overthrown country for Pepsi, dirty wars, Democracy the vehicle for empire, Jesuits restoration and their presence in USA and Australia.) 

10 questions for you

In the book, “Keys of this Blood” a Jesuit Vatican insider spells out there is a race between who, for what and the result?

9/11 and Bush’s national security strategy for America gives insight to its future direction. List its 4 points.

What is the image of the beast? Think of a mirror.

Who was the Pepsi’s lawyer and what advantage did this give the company and what was the result?

9/11 has many historical dates. Name three of them. 

Dirty Wars are in where and what are their significance to world leadership today?

What is NED and the idea behind it?

Jesuits have the strongest number in and control which country in the world today? How would you get into a high government position?

Australia’s government was overthrown by whom? Australia is lead by which religious body? Name the significant dates for this

What are some of the strategies used, indicated by the many roles its members take by this powerful organization for world domination? List 5 strategies. 

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Pictures@13 The coalition of the willing

Coalition of the willing or axis of evil, the standard for eternal life is a mark, the mark of the beast. 


10 questions for you
The Vatican states that it has no jurisdiction over its members outside the smallest country in the world. What is the significance of the end of the war in Ireland? Who stepped in to bring an end?

What is the significance of the hand and the forehead in relation to the mark of the beast? Revelation 13:16

How is God made manifest to us? Name the verses and explain what they mean.  

Why has God not manifest Himself to the many churches of the world?

Why was Constantine called “The Great”?

His inspiration shall be relived again in what way?

Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. What does this mean?

What is Guantanamo Bay an example of? What is its significance for the future of God’s people?

Where was water torture first used?

WACO:  How many children died? What does that mean in terms of the hearings and the democratic process?

What is the ‘war of words’?  Which words are we referring to?

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Pictures@13 The coming of the Antichrist

The coming of the Antichrist: while three beasts from the bottomless pit- powers of Satan’s devising-wage war across the world, the most powerful and the most enduring is that which mimics true Christianity and the 7 heads of power ultimately join spiritism to usher in the antichrist – a being of world wide acceptance whose coming has been predicted.

10 questions for you

What is meant by the Elijah message and how is this message played out by the forces of good and evil?

What messages are given to the world? The message concerns good & evil. What does that tell us about the present truth for this time?

Who brings fire down from heaven in the sight of men? Name two and where is this stated to happen as we look at the verse?

What will the passion for confederation globally lead to?

Revelation 14:7 is which commandment?

666 is the number of a man. Where is the 666 taken from originally?

Who was one of the first to outline Justification of Christian Warfare? What is the relevance for today?

The thinking of Rome is Greek Philosophy and is represented by what beast and why?

Revelation 17:9 And here [is] the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
17:10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
Name the seven Kings that make this beast what it is which continues until the very end?

Revelation 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. How is the riddle solved here?

These videos are to provoke thought so if you have some good answers we shall make them available here. Would love to have young people’s answers here too! Email:

Ireland & Paisley

The fight for Ireland. The war only ends in death or compromise, that is Satan’s way

Verse 13

Verse 13 lyrics
It’s really about a chapter and the world today
Who’s in control and why we are in dismay
Condoleezza and George came with his son
They are kneeling before him
The two powers will act as one

This uniting of the new world with old was foretold of Babylon’s daughter
The result for God’s children is both salvation and slaughter
But if we give ourselves without question to an unholy unifying force
There goes our freedom something God does not endorse
But let’s give our lives to the Spirit who is goodly, kind and true
Who will enlighten us and make us happy and make all things as new

Do you want to know the truth or will you kill the Saviour
Will we talk about Christ’s teachings rather than be subjected to poor man’s behavior
Now before I go I have to give more of the verse
The deadly wound was healed and all the world will pay homage and its all for the worse
Tell me the country that has a lamb-like demeanor
It comes from the new world, and it exiles to Cuba

From as far back as the 1800s prophetic vision became clear
As prophets clearly pointed to this time, now the vision is here
So don’t hesitate to understand every historical fact
God wants your allegiance, someone to act

Which power did the reformers talk of that dogged their steps to martyrdom
Which blasphemed God’s name because it thought to give sin pardon
And exhumed Wycliffe’s body because its iniquity cannot cease
Now it has given us Sunday to homage, the mark of the beast

The creator is calling us to enter His rest
The 7th is special it’s the only one blessed
So blessed be the Son who did the will of the Father
Thy will be done on earth and still grant men their pardon


Pictures@13 End game 1

End game1.  

3 beasts from the bottomless pit wage war across the world- satanic engines. Jesuits plan for success. Reagan –> executive order 12333. Knights of Malta lead the military in USA. Drones no surrender! 1950/60s science now becomes reality. Space war a satanic reality. UFOs, who’s behind it.

Most of the military wars since World War 2 have been the same age old battle of the munitions of an apostate Christian church, Communism and Islam in which Luciferian worship is at its very essence.

The secrets of the false church and their worship lie in occult symbols which only the elite fully understand. Amalgamated beasts of Lucifer’s devising ascend for war and action against the people of God on the world stage.

This battle of the great almighty which man has thought to use against the weak inhabitants of the earth are used by the almighty. The principalities and powers of earth are in bitter revolt against the God of heaven. They are filled with hatred against all who serve Him, and soon, very soon, is to be fought the last great battle between good and evil. Lucifer the great deceiver enters directly upon the scene. Job 38:22 Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail, 38:23 Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war? Revelation 16:21 there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, [every stone] about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great. God’s people are to hear & bear a bold, decided testimony for the truth, unfolding the purposes of God by the witness of pen and voice. In place after place they are to proclaim the message of God’s Word, arousing men and women to comprehend the truth. . . . {OFC 246.6} It’s an epic journey for mankind of adventure and woe, for life and existence itself. God is coming to take His servants away from the battle scene of sin and corruption to give them the pure joy of heaven. Some will fall like John the Baptist the greatest born amongst women and others will be taken directly to heaven.

10 questions for you

3 beasts and one angels what does this mean? Name them and the verses

What is JFK opposed to? What is the importance of what he says in light of the gospel?

Order 12333 was established by who and impacts what today?

What was Wild Bill’s ideological background?

How have the wars of the middle ages been continued? Why are they a continuation of the same old wars?

Who associated with 9/11 was accused of violation of the law of war and why?

Rocket science how does that relate to the message of Revelation? Name the verse

How was silicon valley instrumental in the war effort?

Who was behind the UFO associations?

Classified air force project 1794 is about what? What are the world wide implications for this?

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Pictures@13 End game 2

End game 2:German war criminals get safe passage by Vatican priest’s help and CIA use these monsters for their own purposes. War crime gold who took it? USA dismantle USSR –> 9/11. Down fall of USA will be its very ascent to power. Coming of Antichrist, coming of Christ.

10 questions for you

A Prophecy: What is and will Protestantism be grasping the hand of? What false teaching will allow this to happen?

What was the Franciscan order complicate to in WW11?

The Croatian archbishop was convicted for what and honored by whom?

What was the ratline all about?

Who did Barbie work for, who paid for his crimes?

What was Zbigniew Brzezinski words concerning the Soviet Union and what was the result for the USA? This story involved the three beasts from the bottomless pit.

What do we understand of Libya a few years ago and what is left of it today? What was likely at the heart of the matter?

Why is US headed for prophetic disaster and how can it be averted? Name the verse from Daniel

What are the three points stated by which God’s Spirit is manifest?

How is the work of God being hindered? How is education to be encouraged? 

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Pictures@13 USA the best!

USA the best: really? why? Its true there have been few nations with such privileges.

Jeremiah  18:7 [At what] instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy [it];
18:8 If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them.
18:9 And [at what] instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant [it];
18:10 If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them.  

10 questions for you

What was the special prophetic dates that blessed America?

What did that time allow?

What 2 opposite gospel/ religions were established in the USA? What was the one word they centered around?

Who was John Robinson and what principals did he encourage the puritans in?

What principals recognized by Roger Williams would prevent Revelation 13:17 happening in the US?

Where is the strangle hold on the US coming from?

Why was the persecution for God’s people allowed? What has that to do with ancient Israel?

What are God’s requirement for the nations? What are God’s requirements for eternal life?

What relevance does the 2300 days have for the USA and end time events?

How is Daniel 9:24 to be realized?

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The last movements shall be rapid ones

7 questions for you

What is the relevance does the archbishop of Canterbury have to Protestantism?

Lutheranism and evangelicals movements are toward? This is more important than military movements of the nation.

Matthew 28:20 tells to do what? Then how encompassing would that be?

Sabbath keeper could be lost through a false gospel? What is that false gospel which Tony speaks of and how closely does it match apostate Protestantism?

Romanism is theology but the carrier is who? For this reason in the immediate future we shall have less to say about Roamism.

Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs [come] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. Who is the false prophet that identifies with Spiritism?

Who is the woman that rides the beast, now who at this point is the head of the beast? What has happened to the lamb-like beast?

These videos are to provoke thought so if you have some good answers we shall make them available here. Would love to have young people’s answers here too! Email:

Blatant US media control

Little horn 1

Little horn 1: introduction, Daniel 2 & 7 overview, Prophecy identifying the little horn by time, ascension & detail

10 questions for you

What is an integral part of knowing what is true and how do we distinguish the true from the false?

What claim does Satan make that many Christians identify with? This is a false gospel

How is the true apostolic church identified? Name the verse

What is the primary difference between the two churches? Name 5 and of course there are many more

What is the significance of the pantheon?

Name the Kingdoms of the four beasts. These are symbols just like a football team uses

The German museum confirms 2 things about the prophetic symbols, so what is that?

The two nails that confirm the 1260 year dates. How is the first date confirmed

What is the significance of the removal of an Arian Pope? What three powers or horns were plucked up?

Name the verse and three identifying characteristics of the little horn

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Little horn 2

Little horn 2: prophecy he shall speak great words against the most high, he shall wear out the saints of the most high.

10 questions for you

What is meant by the little horns and from whence does it comes to be identified? What is identified by its name?

Name the verses in Matthew and John that identifies with He shall shall speak great words against the Most High

HenryIV treatment was? Identifying the power of the little horn to supersede emperors.

John 16 identifies the actions against the disciples of God. Name the verse

1 Timothy 2:4 tells us what about ministry or the priesthood?

What is the significance of Constantine’s title?

What was Pope Innocent guilty of? Date associated with his guilt?

Who were Ridley and Latimer and how did they last meet? What are Latimer’s last enduring words?

What is the relation between Luther and Peter Canisius?

What was the golden rose a tribute to and to whom was it given?

These videos are to provoke thought so if you have some good answers we shall make them available here. Would love to have young people’s answers here too! Email:

Little horn 3

The little horn 3: prophecy- he shall think to change times & laws

10 questions for you

Which laws have been changed? How so?

Which times have been changed? Days and dates

What is the sign or mark of God’s people? Name the verse

Isaiah 66:22-24 speaks of eternity’s blessing. What is this?

Why are so few chosen? What does these word of Christ mean?

What was the significance for the Sunday for Constantine?

Tertullian identifies with Protestantism concerning the gospel and what way?

What did the School of Alexander institute?

What is transubstantiation and what is the real meaning of the drink this blood and eat this flesh?

What is interesting about the Medici family?

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Little horn 4

Rise of the Jesuits, massacre of Bartholomew -> french revolution, prophecy of the deadly wound, prophecy of the deadly wound healed, German concordat.

10 question for you

What was the little angel doing in the figure of the statue in the Jesuit church in Rome?

What were the Jesuits originally known for? On whom did they concentrate their efforts?

Why were the Jesuits suppressed and rejected from many Catholic countries (over 70 times) which led to their expulsion?

Louis-Alexandre Berthier and Bill 8; what is their importance?

Little horn is also identifies by 7 name the verse in Revelation. 7 what?

How rapid was the spread of the reformation across Europe? What was behind that spread?

A revolt against Catholicism started what in France? What prophetic date is connected to this beast from the bottomless pit?

Where is the Lateran council mentioned in prophecy?

What do many fail to know about Hitler’s speech and how that related to Revelation 13?

What prophecy gave some soldiers who heard the message confidence that Hitler would not win the war and may well have saved many soldiers for eternity? explain

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Little horn 5

The counter-reformation

10 questions for you

Where does IHS come from, its original meaning?

Who is Thomas Aquinas?

What is Ignatius Loyola’s background and how did he carry this into the church?

The Jesuits reapplies is verse 1 Corinthians 9:22 literally in what way?

Ribeira and Alcasar, who were they and what have they to do with prophecy?

What was the work of Juan Mariana?

What is the oxford movement and what does it mean?

Edward Irving how did his false teaching prepared the way for Antichrist?

Consider 1 Timothy 4:16 and the idea behind 2 Peter 3:16

What teaching of Satan has been taken into the church about death? What will this mean for the end time scenario?

These videos are to provoke thought so if you have some good answers we shall make them available here. Would love to have young people’s answers here too! Email: