Obama Cares about globalization

Obama Cares about globalization

Many liked President Obama and his voice was conciliatory and much more pleasant than Bush. In his final meeting in Europe he gives to us words of comfort that the new world order has not disintegrated but will endure despite the change of direction for the nation, something that Hilary has also alluded to.   The structure behind new world order such as the world bank, Vatican, the policy changes and its theology in the universities is not going to go away.

Obama stated this, though ‘globalization had fueled a “sense of injustice” and needed a “course correction” to address growing inequality……“there will not be a return to a world before globalization.”

“Germans and Americans must take the opportunity to shape globalization according to our values and ideas. We are committed to broadening and deepening our cooperation with our businesses and our citizens, indeed the whole of the world community,”

So as part of that magnificent global dream Merkel would rather give up data protectiobama-and-merkelon and gather citizens personal details. Philipp Albrecht, a member of the German Green Party said proposed legislation change is a violation of EU law. It is plain that many citizens of the west are thoroughly sick of their leadership and their own agenda for globalist plans as seen in the change of leadership at the ballot box. 

As the Vatican insider Malachi Martin once said, ‘there is no way it can be reversed or called off. ….  our way of life as individuals and as citizens of the nations; our families and our jobs; our trade and commerce and money; our educational systems and our religious and our cultures; even the badges of our national identity, which most of us have always taken for granted – all will have been powerfully and radically altered forever.’  He is right for they are the conspirators of such plans. 

I think people were tired of the whole idea but to be really tired of it, it’s an ideology that springs from Romanism with the consent of the people. 

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