News trends 16-11-18

News trends 16-11-18

The 1st and 14th amendment are under pressure with the press using their usual questions and tactics with Donald Trump and Trump responding in his usual way. These may well meet the supreme court where Trump handpicked some of his own judges in recent times making it a majority Catholic supreme court judges which I would expect is influenced somewhat by the New York Cardinal and others. When a change in the constitution comes about in the US with religious liberty threatened for minority group while advocating religious liberty, know the end is near and important end time prophetic events are about to explode upon the world scene.

Iran has had its swift accounts stopped for international trading and the military ride with their oil ships while the US discourages and threatened against any sort of trade. So the US is going through the countries of the middle East and expect war as pointed out at the end of the 11th chapter of Daniel. The whole event reminds us of things to come concerning the Mark of the Beast and the US preventing trade except an individual complies as describes in Revelation 13.

Assange’s enemies in the US are searching for a pretext by law to see extradition and a military trial for someone who was a means by which US military crimes were exposed. “Washington Post confirms secret charges against WikiLeaks publisher @JulianAssange. The long running grand jury into WikiLeaks started in April 2010 after the publication of a video revealing the slaying of two Reuters journalists in Iraq.”

Facial recognition is being used increasingly and in a morally depleted society is said to be a security benefit. In a fascist religious political state forming in the US this is indeed a threat to individual rights and freedoms. 

The Pope meets with scientists at the Vatican. “The pope spoke Nov. 12 to members and experts invited to the plenary session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The academy was meeting Nov. 12-14 to discuss the importance of all scientific fields and how scientists should engage more with society and leaders, particularly in guiding policy and debunking fake news. …Some of the most urgent challenges scientists can address, he said, include “the immense crisis of climate change” that is unfolding and the threat of nuclear weapons.” The secret of the vticans power lies in its interpretation on science, times and laws which it has placed above God’s law.

The Pope meets the Israel president for private meetings to discuss peace between Muslims, Christians and Jews- ‘he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end’Daniel 11:45 but he has something in mind for himself. 




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