New state of surveillance

New state of surveillance

“Four former Canadian prime ministers and top judges have led criticism of a new law C-51, joined by aboriginal chiefs and environmentalists who fear being targeted by police in the crackdown. Ccanada protests

As part of its new mandate, CSIS could intercept financial transactions, prevent a suspect from boarding a plane, intercept weapons or conduct “online counter-messaging,” for example, by hacking a Twitter account used to recruit jihadists.”

Above: Thousands of Canadians took to the streets to protest this bill but in Australia lame complacency. 

We see here the trend of events toward no buy selling (Revelation 13) except a person cooperates with the legislative powers and this being expended into the Christian sphere because of the effects of radical Islam which is actually giving the West licence in their restrictive endeavors. 

“Canada’s government has introduced an anti-terror law that expands the powers and reach of the country’s spy agency, allowing it to operate overseas for the first time.”

‘As witnesses line up to warn about the dangers associated with Bill C-51, Canada’s anti-terrorism bill, it’s increasingly clear that the proposed legislation is an unprecedented undermining of Canadian privacy protection.’

USA has significant ownership in stirring up radical Islam in modern history associated with its efforts to destroy eventually with success the USSR.  Now that which it has created is expanded against its own and this means for the once ‘free’ west privacy protection, free speech, truth to disclose the reality of current events which involves all, has been eroded and is being eradicated.  

In Australia says ABC news ‘the first tranche of new counter-terrorism laws has passed both houses of Parliament with bipartisan support….. There is always a trade-off between the rights of an individual and the safety of the community. We will never sacrifice our freedoms in order to defend them – but we will not let our enemies exploit our decency either.”

May these words of those who knew the struggle for freedom sound more true. This new state of surveillance is a new threat for the once free protestant west. Once Protestant in the truest sense now Romanised and once free now compromised. 

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Benjamin Franklin

In comments concerning Australia’s new data media laws Edward Snowden say this: “This is not things that governments have ever traditionally been empowered to claim for themselves as authorities.

“And to have that change recently … is a radical departure from the operation of traditional liberal societies around the world.”