Miss Canada

Miss Canada

The winner of the Miss Canada title highlights the conditions of one third of the world population in her comments

“Leaving China doesn’t make one free, not when friends and family there become hostages.  Anastasia Lin, Miss World Canada”. Her outspoken comments on human right abuse in her country has put pressure on her family. 

The beast fromlin the bottomless pit of confusion from Revelation chapter 11 is alive and well- communism. How are these three beasts from the bottomless pit identified? They persecute and kill God’s people and also identified by the Bible’s prophetic time line. They are world wide dominating ideologies.

Persecution is alive and well in China. There is the official government recognized churches and then the underground churches. “The government’s objective is either to absorb the underground Church into the Patriotic Association, or to suppress it altogether.” 

“In one film, which was based on a true story, I played a Falun Gong practitioner imprisoned in a Chinese labour camp who would not renounce her beliefs, even after enduring harrowing torture.”

“When China’s government discovered an Underground Church in the past, persecution included its members being beaten and fined while their leaders were tortured, sent to labor camps, killed or simply disappeared.

Today, such discoveries more commonly lead to pressure for the underground church to join the government-controlled Three Self church network, where unbiblical teachings abound and pastors do not; in an effort to further stifle Christianity, the Chinese government restricts pastor training to a single showcase, exceedingly liberal seminary – Nanjing Union Theological Seminary – that annually graduates only 70 pastors: one for every 20 million of China’s 1.4 billion people.”

The Jesuits have used their influence in this country to officially publish E.G White books that have been altered to their own persuasion- meaning they corrupted the content which points to the mark of the beast.