Mad Trump

Mad Trump

Trump is so mad he has said that American industry needs to be brought back to America and jobs and wages need to be given back to the people…if we heard that in Australia rather than a plebiscite on gay marriage I think we could all nearly fall over backwards. Why would you give the country into the hands of such a madman when you can have Hillary and the world government, the same media to comfort and direct your thinking, Citibank and the5820b08bc46188dc4f8b458b same old global agenda going on and all that has evolved from the Saudi 9-11 that are especially of financial interest to the Bush’s and Clinton’s.

No matter now which way America jumps the Vatican and its influence (and that been for a long time now in the wars post world war II ) will continue to direct the U.S. 

The real issue is whether Trump would allow a church and state union, that would change the constitution.

“O how few know the day of their visitation! How few, even among those who claim to believe in present truth, understand the signs of the times, or what they are to experience before the end. We are under divine forbearance today; but how long will the angels of God continue to hold the winds, that they shall not blow? We are convinced that among the people of God there is blindness of mind and hardness of heart, although God has manifested inexpressible mercy toward us.”



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