Life is not static

Life is not static


Life is not static for those that desire to progress and change, learning by their mistakes and by God’s grace are able to repent, correct their ways and move on. But many would draw us back to past mistakes and disappointments.

The Lord in speaking to David about the great sin committed with Bathshebalife is not static gave David opportunity to correct his ways and find restoration. He gives all such opportunity yet many are what the other brother was to the prodigal son.

Christ was accused of Satan because of his jealous and selfish heart, but let us not participate in this evil between one another.

Evil surmising- to suggest something that is not true is the work of the enemy and many times constructions are made about other people through their impressions when the Lord would have us give them the benefits accustomed to ourselves as sinners. Impression of the mind, though thought to be impressions of the Holy Spirit are a form of fanaticism if they are not true, and having no substance of truth in them, they are damaging to the individual and the relationships between one another. Let us uphold our brethren until we have blinding evidence that we cannot do otherwise. Thoughts and feelings must be established in absolute truth of the word and evidence of the situation. Are we praying and befriending our brethren? Are we loyal to their reputation and well being?

Treating the person by the history of their faults- does forgiveness mean bringing faults up to remembrance? Thank God He does not do this or yet our sins will remain on record if we don’t repent of this evil. Repentance and confession and humbling of heart is necessary on all side if we are to be in unity and by such unity the power of the Holy Ghost bless us. Without such we shall not enter into heaven’s gates. Many times the fault of others are whispered amongst the believers by evil tongues or someones misfortunes in a broken life are rumored around that are positively hurtful- such work is not of God’s plan.

Some minds are so distorted through their own perverseness that they are ever suspicious or so damaged that they cannot let go and forgive. We need to all ask God for healing of body and soul. We can move on when we stop the blame of everyone around us and get up take up your bed and walk. Blaming our parents and others when we are not acting our part and are self focused is crippling to maturity and our potential in Christ. There are no natural born Christians or perfect hereditary of which we can be proud- let all take account for him or herself before God and join the family of heaven in sincere restoration of ourselves and one another.

Inner beauty that becomes outer beauty: Jealousy has a self focus, monitoring the actions, what someone is thinking, misinterpreting other’s thoughts and actions and constructing what that means and accumulating other’s words and actions for further future negative reference, together with their own poor self esteem, is crippling their own individual beauty. How few really understand beauty what it means to both an intelligent person and God. How self limiting we can be, when God whats us to be free. How diverse, unique and individual is humanity, let us embrace who we are to be potentially in Christ.

Remaining in a state of please forgive me Lord and regret and guilt is good for only the duration of the time in which we need to improve the situation and move on. Feelings of guilt no longer are valuable but deceptive if we do not believe in the power of God to forgive us, and likewise we forgive ourselves, and be able to learn and move on from the situation.

Paul said I have learnt to be content in all things- what does that mean? In disputes with others, in family disruptions, in loss, in work changes- in everything! How? I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. The Word and God’s promises through the Holy Spirit must rise above one’s own thoughts and feelings at times of crisis by faith, to walk in the narrow path that overcomes the world.

‘Christians’ taking Christians to the law courts to exact their rights and financially gain by such means, are taking a dangerous course that heaven does not approve of, and such actions which is Papal, using civil power to exact her own means, will suffer great loss and unless there is repentance among brethren. Such do not recognize the body of Christ and by what means brethren should settle differences.

The word that makes us clean says Let us then remember that “the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. God wants us to becomes clean inside to out, physically and spiritually.

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