Lest we forget

Lest we forget


The new world order under Prussian influence failed, making the USA the victor  and holding the chalice for a new world hegemony by a Vatican \US alliance. But let it be understood that Germany is the most influential country in the UN and awaiting its masters in the wing. Such an incite is impossible to see except for an understanding of the law  of God and by His Spirit understanding the book of Revelation. 

Perhaps we never really learnt the whole truth and the good people of Japan and the USA need to understand the importance of a voice and their alliance to God at this pinnacle point of time. 

Japan military may support foreign forces abroad for first time in 70 years-  RT new May 2015

Since Japan’s defeat in World War II, its military was limited to acting only in so-called emergency circumstances within the country or its immediate neighbouring areas. The new law could allow it to deploy armed forces outside the country, to support “friendly countries,” which include the US.”

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