‘Kangaroo Pell’

‘Kangaroo Pell’

The Italian media have called Pell the ‘controversial kangaroo’ as he faces pedophile charges again. One would have to ask the question why Pell was sent to the third most senior position in the vatican to take care of a mess in the Vatican bank when Pell wasn’t taking care of pedipile activity as a senior priest. For these reasons of Priest misconduct and financial accountability it would seem that Benedict stepped down. 

Pell also influenced Prime Minister Tony Abbott during his leadership against climate change having any credibility which in the face of the Pope’s encyclical the choice of his appointment seems strange. Abbott’s words have resurfaced ‘Cardinal Pell is one of the greatest churchmen that Australia has seen.’

That’s why the cardinals elected a ‘marine’ that is the first Jesuit Pope to put out the fires, something that in their history they had a habit of starting. 

‘For years, most ordinary Catholics have focused on their local parishes and ignored the hierarchy, as dismayed as anyone by the shocking revelations of official cover-ups, moving paedophile priests and silencing victims.’ It was a very smart move by the Pope to entertain the media heads last year to promote the Papacy and silence where possible the fallout from such a worldwide crisis. Also the talk for pediphile priests was mercy from Francis whose order (the Jesuits) was anything  but about mercy but rather the inquisition. 

 The unnatural result of abstinence through priestcraft, something God has not endorsed have had been results of abuse.

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