Julian Assange will he walk free?

Julian Assange will he walk free?


However possible the U.S. will bend over backward and Britain will certainly assist in any way, to get their hands on Julian Assange despite Sweden dropping the case against him. Australia is just about dead stone silent on the matter, which says how much one’s own country will look after it’s citizens.  In August 2016 a man tried to break into the embassy where Julian Assange was living and it was reported to British police but surprise surprise it was 2 hours later before the police arrived. The CIA is particularly angry about it’s negative exposure but such exposure confirms where the U.S. is at in it’s globalist agenda that is predicted to be a global dominating persecuting power.

So as the news breaks of Sweden dropping the case of rape against Assange, so also this week Manning walked free and that’s another very unique story. Manning really gave wikileaks an international name. 

What did they say of Christ (and by the way Assange is no Christ): ‘it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish’ John 11:50. There was an obvious festering corruption there behind the scenes in Christ’s day, so what would we say of the activities of the CIA and innocent people killed?

The idea expressed by Ted Cowdy which is man I greatly respect is that the U.S. constitution is a balance between freedom of speech and national security but he would suggest that the later is more important as there is no freedom of speech for an individual if your not alive to deliver it.  This strikes at the heart of religious liberty issues. Evil forces by half truths have set in motion circumstances that place the U.S. citizens in jeopardy that has worldwide consequences and then expresses the need for national security to be put ahead of individual’s rights. 

How can an individual, authorities or government really expect to function or be blessed of God if they are not willing or even attempt to uphold the law by transparency and present truth and it is prophesied of the U.S. that by not upholding the law of God as a blessed nation that they will face national ruin. How will the righteous judge attend to the these matters? Individuals around the globe are crying to God for justice and freedom…..


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