Indefinite detention is a policy

Indefinite detention is a policy

Julian assange states “In Sweden, indefinite detention is a policy. There is no time limit that someone can be detained without charge. That is not how we expect a civilised state to behave. Similarly, extradition without charge is not something that we expect from the rule of law in the United Kingdom.”

Assange has no protection under the 1st amendment yet not being an American citizen the U.S.A deems it it’s right to have an Australian citizen in Britain deported to U.S.A.  Though innocent people died in the collateral murders exposed by  wikileaks in  April 2010, those perpetrators never saw jail time let alone trail or disciplinary action.  Present truth is the issue.

God’s people should be looking at what is happening in the latest world events which are religious liberty issues and freedom of speech issues and praying earnestly for more time in which the truth and gospel can be spread across the world.

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