Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Equality a Illuminati idea from the French revolution? Not a new idea but old as the French revolution.  And its catching on but how about marching in the streets for children’s rights to have better parents, mothers who are there to feed their kids breakfast and will train them in morals, discipline, respect and a work ethic and are there to put them to sleep rather than on the streets.   How about concentrating on that?  How about true education for kids instead a future void. This movement has gathered momentum but its not pro-life and its not pro-health and its not pro-familyequality but is likely to be a tool to end free speech.  You best look in another direction for priorities because the attention is being taken to something else when this generations future is being taken from right under their feet. 

Herald sun says: 

HUNDREDS of people have rallied in Melbourne to demand the introduction of same sex marriage laws….

Katie Coxon, 26, from New Zealand, joined her friend Julia Thomas, 23, at the rally, saying she was keen to help promote equal rights.

“I’m a straight person but I just believe everyone should have the right to love each other,” Ms Coxon said.