Driverless drone taxis

Driverless drone taxis

Dubai is about to start a flying driverless taxis service with a flying speed of about 60 miles/ hour. Presently the drones have a limited flight time but I’m sure there are more inventions waiting in the wings. The hyperloop is also about to be constructed as another mode of fast transport. What Dubai is wanting in flight, the French plan to do on water starting this June. 

When we consider a magnetic train lifted above its rail in thin air it’s magic and though clever it be, without the source of power that hold planets in space and makes a blade of grass grow, such amazing inventions would not be possible.

The time in which we live is foretold as many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased Daniel 12:4 but of course most are unaware of such predictions. And would it be important anyway? Well at this time of fast communications and transport which scripture calls the latter day, the dead shall be raised, yes on the very last day by the the very same power that raises a magnetic train to run at incredible speeds, each individual shall be brought to life, Job said at the latter day though worms destroy this body yet in my flesh shall I see God. That’s good news for some but if you do believe in the power of God to raise the dead, an even greater miracle than setting creation in operation to put it back in place again at the resurrection, then the whole purpose of your life seems to me to be very limited.

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