Depopulation for the earth’s survival

Depopulation for the earth’s survival

What if we depopulated the earth by cancer and made money out of it at the same time? Planet-Earth-Population-537x402Global warming is it really a threat or is that we shall not live to see it because of the threat of cancer?

The information out there is that cancer is a virus, this vague mysterious thing that is deadly and requires science to stop it. The fact being that volumes has been written in research material about it being a fungus that makes sense in that its living, is real and something seen in nature to reckon with, remains ignored.

Science seems to be dishonest when it comes to money but they sure know how to put a military machine together and the advances we have in the world today all stem primarily from power, greed and war. Almost every single post second world war advance has a military motive behind it in the USA, its hard to think of anything otherwise from computers to space travel to roundup.

Health research articles nearly always deal with one minute aspect and never the whole and never would suggest that the body works off times and laws.

When David Suzuki found pesticides and heavy metal  in the ice poles and contamination in the pristine waters the bears catch their fish in we still generally  did not get the point. This evolutionary science has grabbed hold of our capacity to reason. Clean environment inside the body would that make some sense and would radiation and chemo not make sense but the senseless keep on. So what do we do we trust to chemo specialists- you may well survive cancer for the time being having lost some teeth and whatever else comes your way like protracting diabetes but hell you made it.

Proverbs 13:16 Every prudent [man] dealeth with knowledge: but a fool layeth open [his] foll.

I’m afraid that knowledge simple as it might seem lays in the God laws not in man’s  ideas. When God said be to a Holy people it was for our health, our sake. Hydrated, clean mineral rich food and a balanced mind to have the very best life and self-healing potential. When it come to good sense many are called but few are chosen.

Learning to survive when the soils are polluted, the crops modified and every kind of moral and physical pollution possible is the challenge. Deliver us from evil has real meaning for us today. 



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