The day of the CEOs, winner takes all!

The day of the CEOs, winner takes all!

Ms Holgate is new chief executive at Australia Post and dollars is her specialty though earning half of her predecessor. Her ‘remuneration has been set at $1.375 million fixed annual total remuneration and the potential to earn incentive payments of up to $1.375 million, in accordance with the parameters set by the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal.’ It is obvious that this is a game of winner takes all. The CEO is not particularly an expert in the field they go into but expert at cutting jobs and making the dollars and they make it even when is a bad job done. 

In the future we were told that globalisation would change the landscape, paperless office and more leisure time. So of course the reality is something different.
To add to that scenario we have cheap labour coming from overseas on special work visas including working on top government security facilities in Canberra and building sites undercutting those who have had to go through the hoops and rope for this country’s standard qualifications.
To add to this this the country is sold to foreigners and the banks lend to foreigners and young Australians have to compete against absurd property prices as if there was gold itself buried underneath the ground or one was living at the centre of the world.

With all the construction in the city, with a record building boom are any of the cranes that line the sky representing local building contractors who will put money back into the economy? There is no loyalty to the people of the country but a winner takes all type attitude. The communist (China) government supports and assists such acquisitions of it’s own people and students are used as part of their spy network, which is a problem cited by the national security agency. Meanwhile the average Joe blow is trying to raise a family while the carpets being pulled from beneath his feet.
To add to this we have CEOs paid by the millions to be the figure experts they are- lining their pockets is usually the goal while cutting everything and everyone else to bare bones.

Last but fundamental to the problem is media being the educator and destroying social fabric and poor education leaves people in a state they are not likely to get out off. Yes everyone’s got a university degree but often never the wiser for it but rather boxed and diced. 
Society has lost an equilibrium and beneath it is the Jesuit pull not just a theory but a reality of those trained by the Jesuits to sit in legislative halls and no better example of is their work and influence in Australia today but as in all the countries of the West it only comes by the ignorance and by that the consent of the people.
The assault on the Western world is so great and in multiple ways in education, drugs, media, losing its Christian basis for social equilibrium that the potential freedoms and privileges of generations to come will have been taken away and not by accident.

“Having taken control of the Vatican, the Catholic order whose members are often referred to as “God’s marines” have now seized the reins of power in Australia…. ‘So too are the nation’s finances now under the charge of students of the Jesuits.'” From the Australian Telegraph.


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