Are Australians ready for a poor future?

Are Australians ready for a poor future?

For a few Australians life could not be better when receiving up to amounts such as $10,000 dollars a day. There are many people who are very happy in Australia including a growing criminal element and then there are the legal robbers.

Home ownership is becoming less of reality for upcoming Australian generations.  With Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra having some of the highest property prices in the world and Australians with the highest casual work forces someone has been setting AuHarbour-at-nightstralians up for an unfortunate future.

Electricity has been recently privatized we have the highest priced service in the world. They also have determined to get rid of TAFE colleges, the government being foremost in using unskilled cheap overseas labour on their projects. Allowing apprenticeship training to fall and a short fall of skilled tradesmen in a high unemployment environment.  The Australian government is not following their own charter to look after the finances of the Australian people as written on their own parliament walls. Australia is just an example of a good book title which I would call ‘the overthrow of the west as we once knew it.’

A few years ago the Sydney papers said Australia was about to get their first taste of Jesuitism as labor and liberal party educated politicians held the top political offices. It had actually started from the former years of the Howard Government when they had started to assume their positions. This was also the time of the coalition of the willing and axis of evil.

‘The rise of Jesuit-educated politicians in Australia is a remarkable conjunction in political leadership: a situation so rare that it may even be a first in the Western world.’

The landscape is continuing to be the rich and mostly the poor with the country striped of manufacturing, free education , trade skills and trade education, home ownership and the ability to survive outside of a system that’s a life time feeding conduit to Government and the banks. This should not be surprising from the goals and history of the Jesuits.

Things are not about to change real soon with the younger generation oblivious to the turn of surrounding events that taking away liberties, lifestyle and their future. Young people asked for example have you heard of Snowden from responses I have received answer 100% of the time ‘no’.

Morally bankrupt, persuaded by media interests and poorly educated an economy cannot be healthy with such  a paralysis in upcoming generations. This appears to be something irreversible, with most people pessimistic about the future and a closely drawn federal election reflecting such pessimism.

Survival now counts on carefully choosing your career, being able to build a cheap cost effective house for yourself and understanding the world around you so that you can be in some degree independent to the educational system, house and land package trap, bank and government welfare systems.





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