A fundamental mistake

A fundamental mistake


“In the Catholic church we have some — many — who believe they possess the absolute truth and they go on sullying others through slander and defamation and this is wrong. Religious fundamentalism must be combated. It is not religious, God is lacking, it is idolatrous.” Pope Francis is also making the point that we simply do not know everything. Can we know enough about Jesus life to simply follow His example?


He condemned fundamentalism in the church and in whatever religion with some claiming in the Catholic faith that Francis is not a Pope, quoting that which other Popes have stated and that he is not following Catholic tradition.  These Catholics who point to His inconsistency in teaching do not understand the nature of the beast. The Vatican will always return to its fundamental position including persecution when it has absolute control and before that it is a shape shifter.

How could the Jesuits follow the Bible and the Bible only with Aristotle mixed into their teachings.  The Papacy has thought to change the law of God, then anyone who opposes their teachings, are  fundamentists and must be eradicated, that is the papacy history, that is their aim.

IF Religion is not about doctrine then what was Jesus about? I think rather Jesus would say why can’t you understand my speech or why cant you understand and follow what I did?  His life was simple and plain and the doctrine or in other words teachings were clear.153011_2374-740x493

Was it fundamentalism that drove the Jesuits to kill so many by the inquisition? Rather they were exterminating fundamentalists as found in Islam, Sabbath keeper or what they called Judaizers and Protestants.

The cry of Protestantism was the Bible and the Bible only and we do not see the majority of Protestants following the teachings of their founding message.  They have not the grounding of myrters from that goneby era and Rome has seen to that. They are ready for Romanism, they have been prepped.  They are not following their fundamental teachings, only a few would care and realise the shift in Prostestantism.

 “Pope Francis has officially joined Instagram. He posted his first photo Saturday under the handle @franciscus. ……Maybe he can put an attachment at the end of his scepter for a one-of-a-kind selfie stick.”

Despite what anyone thinks Francis is a bridge builder and in Jesuit fashion the end justifies the means, whatever means and whatever it takes. The Jesuits and this is the first Jesuit Pope are the military strategists of the church and be sure the Jesuit general is in close consultation. The Pope has met with the C.E.Os. of high tech media, Apple’s C.E.O. Tim Cook, Kevin Systrom CEO of Instagram. Discussion was behind closed doors and not made public.

A no absolute truth position by the Pope, reconciliation with religions (while behind the scenes the religious wars are propagated from the Vatican persuasion), a leader in climate change and ecumenism resonates with many while the very thing that he spoke of at US congress, liberty is under threat with his very popular following.

Pictures 1: Pope has audience in the Vatican with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom

2 Pope holds a snap press conference on his way back to Rome from Africa concerning the problem of fundamentalism in religion.

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