In 2016 I predicted the U.S. election outcome not because I’m extra smart but because God reveals the steady trends of events that mark the close of this world’s history and recognizing from this the direction and who are the key players. A lot of what is happening centres around the USA being the lamb-like beast of Revelation 13. This is not a new but old interpretation of prophecy with predictions dating back to the 1800’s when the book of Daniel and prophecies were studied and interpretation become known by many of God’s people.

We are looking at an end time scenario as represented in the election of the USA. On one hand the new world order as represented by Clinton with all the dirt and garbage of misinformation. It represents equal right for gays as toted by Obama world wide and loss of jobs as it is transferred to 3rd world nations with a socialist state in debt and bankrupt and so controlled by private business. This is a United Nations American backed global order which is been pushed in its thinking in the universities of the West.  

Along comes Trump and he represents the working class, made in America and giving power to the conservative  church base of the USA. Church leaders are saying this is a God send which maybe true but in not in the way they envisage. The power of Romanism is behind both of these scenarios and both are predicted to come true. 

When the U.S.A, a country whose strength is built on separation of church and state shall repeal its constitution for religious liberty (noting that the Vatican is holding up the flag for religious liberty at this time when the very opposite is true of its history and teachings) giving to the Church of Rome power for its return to the height of its former glory, the work of God’s destruction shall take place. People are sensing something big out there and we are on the verge of that very thing which has been held back for years. 

So some thoughts of what will happen:

U.S. will become great again just has Constantine the Great used Christianity so Trump looks to be about to play the same card. 

The U.S.A will strengthen its power before falling away as Rome did of old and placed power in the church but being a religious political power that is the Roman church of old it was corrupted. Protestantism who has lost its way and not understanding prophecies or the law of God will follow in the the same path. The church of old made void the law of God and instituted its own and was a persecuting power, so will be the Protestant churches in the near future .

The lose of liberty concerning worship which is likely to be heralded as religious liberty and freedom will mark the time of God’s judgments. 

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