Dirty Wars

In coming to the truth the Bible is the only reliable guide to what is transpiring currently in the world today- it outlines the direction of the world and shows us behind the scenes. Then why so many misinterpretations? Because they are not lead by the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit leads those that are following the commandments of God, those that are following the New Testament as well as the Old and not following a lie, those that see harmony in both the Old and New Testaments and honour God by keeping His Sabbath- a covenant sign of allegiance.

The prophecies include the trumpets – the military component of Revelation. The prophecies are spiritual, looks at the character and the sealing of God’s people, deals in the political yet we are not to be part of the world’s politics, and some of the military aspects. The focus is on events affecting God’s church till the end of time not just on predicting the future for the sake of it. ‘Those who place themselves under God’s control, to be led and guided by him, will catch the steady trend of the events ordained by him to take place.’

It is still day but the night is coming rapidly, when no man can work, that no man may buy or sell except he has the mark of the beast.

Can you image what it will mean to not have access to the news, to food to shelter because you have been voicing what is the present religious, political and military situation in the world today and the coming judgments of God? But more importantly what can we say to arouse our people to use their entrusted talents to the honor and glory of God? The world’s greatest need is consecrated effort for the conversion of souls. Thousands upon thousands are perishing without a knowledge of the truth.  

The following statement is given in the year 1909 “It is impossible to give any idea of the experience of the people of God who shall be alive upon the earth when celestial glory and a repetition of the persecutions of the past are blended. They will walk in the light proceeding from the throne of God. By means of the angels there will be constant communication between heaven and earth. . . .” Yet what if we have no oil in our lamps and we are not ready for the work, for the sealing and blessing of God? 

I have stated elsewhere that 9/11 was an important year for the world in relation to the most powerful country in the world today the USA. In the documentary film ‘Dirty wars’ leaning on a phrase associated with US operations in South America, Jeremy Scahill exposes the death of a US citizen Anwar alAwlaki, a muslim who raised His voice against  the US administration after what could be said was his radicalization. Basically they shot a US citizen dead in a drone strike for speaking against the US administration without being brought to trial. He was not on the battlefield but was an Islamic lecturer. His free speech was what lead to his death and his 16 year old boy was murdered shortly after- calling it- ‘Sentenced without trial’ and ‘collateral damage’.  This was the ordered assassination of US citizens according to the documentary.  9/11 had released a legal and military change in US operations where ‘The world is a battlefield and we are at war.’

There was an evil coming down that was unrestricted in it’s killing power in the call for national security. Information warfare, liberty of speech and democracy touted when the opposite was true. Joint Special operations Command (JOSOC) a covert unit founded in 1980 expanded post 9/11 into over 75 countries such as Yemen and somalia without war having even been declared and no congress oversight. Their directives came directly from the White house, bypassing congress approval and being involved in operations that congress members would likely not want to know about, such as outsourcing kill lists to local warlords. Do you think God considers such things and do you think it matters to him? A nation of privileges and holding the foundations to the  free world. Shall he judge this people who use His name?

Gen. Marshall B. Brad Webb pictured in the main seat, second in command to William McRaven in  Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC). JSOC had been used to assassinate Bin Laden.

Obama presidency should be remembered for its unprecedented drone strikes. Known as the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), the broad and controversial 2001 law played a major role in the legal decision to 

kill Anwar al-Awlaki, the former al-Qaida propagandist and US citizen, in 2011. The AUMF is unbounded by geographic or time limitations, indicating the wide berth the Obama administration provides for understanding its powers for the potential targeting of US citizens. Joe Biden left and next to Obama said “The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.” — Vice President Joe Biden, April 5, 2013. James Clapper (standing, wearing tie) former Director of National Intelligence claimed the NSA does not “wittingly” collect data on millions or hundred of millions of Americans. Edward Snowden’s leaks calling Clapper’s testimony into question were published three months later. Some call Libya Hillary Clinton’s war and I think she deserves that title. Libya’s civil war unleashed the migrant exodus into Europe and was a result of an oil/ currency threat.  

US senator Ron Wyden has raised several issues over his time. With the release of the AUMF memo he called for more transparency “For example, how much evidence does the president need to determine that a particular American is a legitimate target for military action? Or can the president strike an American anywhere in the world? What does it mean to say that capturing an American must be ‘infeasible’? And exactly what other limits and boundaries apply to this authority?”. If we consider the long list of actions and results against America’s own citizens including 9/11 where Sandi Arabian terrorists got their way without sanction or prosecution, we should understand while questions are needed this regime has lost its foundations and is not about to change but rather will be given a Christian veneer at the highest level. 

‘The wall,’ ‘making America great again’ is nothing new as if this is Donald’s bright idea or policy. The wall in Mexico is not Trump’s wall at all, it would be more accurate to call it Bush’s wall, a reaction to 9/11, a counter terrorism measure. The concept of America being great again and the New World Order after American ideal is also not a new 


one but the engineering of American leaders over many decades. Now all that being in place the next great event was the landslide victory of Donald Trump which meant right wing evangelicals who voted Trump in are taking the reins. As predicted a church and state collaboration in the USA would form an image

to the beast and so we think back to the dark ages when church and state ruled the people. Predicted constitutional changes in the USA and persecution of God’s church with ensuing judgments is the scene being now set. The purpose of such a situation to occur (because God ultimately rules the nations and things to come to pass) is to bring the citizens of the world to a final decision, and in the agitation of conflicting ideas of Christianity and judgments of God awaken from sleep all who would choose truth and life before the curtain finally closes on the world and Jesus comes a second time. In the Nevada desert is a series of sign posts dedicated to the veterans of the various wars from the Korean and vietnam to the present time has the last sign post dedicated to the veterans of the war on terrorism. In the final analysis the Bible says that America will dominate the world religious political scene and persecute the people of God. Yet God allows such events to transpire to bring the last message of hope to the world. 

In our time is coming the fulfilled Word of God after so many words of doubt and speculation. The time of God’s judgement is the time of direct communication between heaven and earth with His people, when all earthly support has been taken away, God will show Himself to His people and to the world. The faith that was to exercised in the desert journey by Israel is to be again tested as we journey toward the promised land.